An exclusive work of fine art from 99 Limited Editions is designed to suit the tastes of art collectors from every generation. Each original work is the result of collaboration between exceptionally talented and inspired artists. From conception to production, our team is focused on producing unparalleled works of fine artwork for modern tastes. Our artistic team spans the globe, delivering an eclectic mix of modern photographic techniques to your home. We’d like to take a moment to recognize some of the key people who make 99 Limited Editions possible.


Jessica Van Haselen

Jessica van Haselen is a Dutch designer and artist originally from a small town in the Netherlands. A deep interest in foreign cultures, languages, and countries has led her to travel and live all over the world. Her style developed as she absorbed these cultures, translating her experience into the visual medium. Originally trained as a master goldsmith, her work always contains a high level of precision, detail, and technique. Later studying Interactive Media Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, and Art History at the University of Amsterdam, she likes to combine new and unconventional digital media into her artwork while focusing on the story and historical significance that inspires each work. As Creative Director, Jessica takes on a leading role in design, photography and concept development at 99 Limited Editions.


Thomas Bijen

Thomas Bijen (1980) is a Dutch artist that is well known for creating Royal Chess, a 'king-size' installation commissioned by Dutch Royalty. Among his numerous accomplishments, he has been the subject of solo expositions (in Monaco, New York, Cologne, Coopenhagen, Amsterdam, among other locations) and acted as resident artist in both TEDxAmsterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. In 2007, Thomas acquired his Masters of Science in Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical University of Delft. While from a diverse background that originated in science, art has always been his true passion. A chameleon by nature, Thomas is extremely versatile. Well-versed in different styles and techniques. From his personal iconic works, murals and installations to the highly detailed and elaborate works on behalf of 99 Limited Editions, London. He brings his artworks to new levels, reminiscent of the great Dutch Masters of the past, globally recognized for their great attention to detail, precision, depth, light and composition. A specialism Thomas has become well-recognized for.


Elham Moaidnia

Elham Moaidnia is an Australian-Iranian Contemporary Artist living in Dubai, UAE, that graduated with a BA in Painting from Faculty Arts & Architecture of Azad in 2002. She has exhibited work in several solo & group exhibitions in Australia, Iran & UAE. A passionate artist by nature that lives by a strong work ethic that reminds us all that persistent effort is required to build towards the future. Rising above political issues, her goal is to visualize the world around her — telling its story through her paintings. During her process, she frees herself to seek the magic hidden within the world so that colors flow naturally onto the canvas. Superseding the boundaries of medium by using calligraphy as a source of inspiration during her painting sessions. Her artworks are a visual record of different generations she encountered & captured, turning it into conversation & emphasizing the effects of tradition. She leverages imagination with exaggerated reality to create a theatrical scene with her paintings. The key element in her work is her ability to craft thought-provoking art through a modified style of traditional, narrative art.