99 Fine Art Concept

Fine Art House

The 99 Brand is made up of two companies: 99 Limited Editions and 99 Fine Art.

99 Fine Art is not a standard gallery; we’re the first fine art house in the world. We offer original, one-of-a-kind artworks that are curated by our team to a museum-level standard from the well-known contemporary artists of our time. We don’t just stop at curating the work of artists we represent; we collaborate with that artist every step of the way. Our creative director and curation team select only the most well respected contemporary artists that create truly unique fine art. Every step of our curation process is exclusive from initial selection, to the design, detail, execution and presentation. Ensuring that our customers can own a one-off original.

Innovative and Unique

We want to become the go to platform for collectors, art admirers and artists alike. Showcasing the best of what the contemporary art world has to offer. Curating only unique and highly collectable artworks. The artists that are selected to join our platform are breaking traditions and revolutionizing the art world, without compromising on quality craftsmanship and authenticity. Our concept is not just based on art for the sake of art, it is meant for artists, collectors and art lovers that value the true beauty and originality of an artwork above all else.

Genuine Original Artwork

The fine art world has become very elite and it is difficult for an outsider to truly authenticate a painting, sculpture or photograph. We’ve invested time and money into developing a new industry standard, highly secure authentication system. Setting a higher standard in the world of art. Each artwork is backed by our state-of-the-art Certificate of Authenticity. We’ve developed a number of security features to protect our artist’s creativity and your investment. Our certificates are produced by an established and eminent security printing facility.

The Technical Detail of 99 Fine Art Photography

All our original artwork is unique. Using a variety of techniques and material that differs depending on the artist. The material and techniques used for each specific artwork is showcased on your certificate of authenticity. 

Our first collection, Diversity I, is focused on Fine Art Photography and mixed media artwork. For the majority of our one-of-a-kind artworks from this collection, our artists and creative team decided on a modern alternative to traditional style framing. Reverse Face Mounting. The process of layering a photographic print between acrylic glass and the Di-bond backing board, to create a flawless high-gloss and vibrant color finish.

All of our Fine Art Photography is hand crafted. Mostly by using a Lambda digital exposure system, where lasers convert the artwork into a latent image that is then developed using classic chromogenic chemicals and processes. Our master printers also use cutting-edge Epson Micro Piezo TFP print techniques, best suited for our oversized and brightly colored fine art pieces.

Our artworks are developed onto Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper, which is designed exclusively to produce unique quality color prints. Incorporating the latest silver halide emulsion, coupler and layer design technology. Fujicolor delivers enhanced color reproduction, white purity, and image stability.

The artworks are then carefully fixed to 3mm Plexiglas®. This acrylic glass offers high visibility and vibrancy, and is also resistant to abrasion and light damage.

Next, the artwork is mounted onto a 4mm Dibond® board that is precision cut to the exact same dimensions as the artwork. Dibond® is a high quality aluminum composite which is perfectly flat, with high stiffness and dimensional stability. It’s also highly resilient, resistant to deterioration and relatively light weight.

We engineered a sophisticated hanging system to ensure you can fit your artwork easily and stylishly. Taking our inspiration from the unique methods used to hang a painting you see in a museum, we engineered a hanging system using a quality aluminum frame, which is fixed to the back of the artwork. Light-weight and robust, our hanging system is the final special touch to give you the very best in photographic fine art.

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