Original Fine Art Photography
that doesn’t fill a space, but shapes one

Discover the " Diversity I " Collection

Why Buy from 99 Limited Editions?

99 Limited Editions is the first art house to offer an accessible collection of fine art photography to a wide audience. Our aim is to conquer the world of art with striking and sophisticated pieces that are priced affordably, in a collection that is open to those outside the elite art circles. We create every piece in house, collaborating with our network of artists. When you purchase any edition, you become the certified owner of a numbered edition, just like buying from an elite art gallery. The difference? Our collection, which features work from artists who have been commissioned by royalty, is available to everyone. Originating in London’s Mayfair District, with a creative presence in Beverly Hills, 99 Limited Editions is at the intersection of art and modern living with a collection that you can own.